The firm of artistic ceramics "Arte Fabris " was founded in 1972 Tezze sul Brenta (VI) .

The Messrs. Giancarlo Fabris and his wife Angela have dedicated from the earliest times body and soul to the development and implementation of various designs and finishes , aided by a team of collaborators among the best in the Nove (VI) .

Twenty years from now the daughter Michela Fabris is responsible for the decoration department and quality control , managing wisely to ferry the Arte Fabris from the thriving market and large quantities of the 1990, the market far more selective and attentive to the fashions of the times d ' today.

The Arte Fabris is a company built on the basis of family , in fact as well as Giancarlo , Angela and Michela the other children after work experience outside the family business , they came back inside, making their experience in the commercial side of distribution , foundation design office within the company which researches new shapes, colors and new uses of ceramics in today's world .

With forty years of experience , the " Arte Fabris " has designed and built thousands of models , some of which are illustrated in the following site. This extensive experience allows us to address and satisfy the various needs of our customers , using internal technical office which continues in search of shapes, colors and new applications of Ceramics .

In addition to having an extensive distribution on the national market the Arte Fabris exports its products on all continents . This website presents and explains some of the production lines of the Arte Fabris :

  • MACEF Milano edizione 2008

  • MACEF Milano edizione 1996

  • MACEF Milano edizione 1976

  • HOMI Milano edizione 2015