image32 The MAKER Arte Fabris last year has created an internal design studio , founded and followed by the children of Fam Fabris in collaborations with some of the new young designers in the area. This investment there

has dictated our own account, because we realized that the " ceramic " was linked to the idea of old-fashioned decor , or at least in the classical style. With this study we are establishing some

new lines trying to create models of the shape and color that are closest to the modern style .

Within the site you will find already some collections of the Modern line .

In the previous section , we talked about young designers , this enclose a bit ' the secret of this study , as new graduates working with kids we can not enclose the innovative ideas that will create trend in the near future . Our company and our material lends itself to make reality what is now only idea! All this to satisfy the passion for our work , and to offer our customers new forms and decorations.

The Maker study is divided into two strands creative : Shapes and Decorations

image10  - To the Maker FORMS you design, test and apply all the possible limits of ceramics. For continuous research into new models, but also in new materials to associate with ceramics as Wood, Steel , LED lighting , etc. .



- For Maker DECORATIONS the company is based on ten years you have, but also innovating in continuing evidence of color, and continuous contacts with the best companies of colors.image3 



 ARTEFABRIS 2.0  Production of ceramic furnishings & Makers presents a great novelty, the new way of understandingceramics...


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If you search for the word "Makers" in Wikipedia, they are described as a contemporary cultural movement which represents atechnology-based extension of the world of traditional crafts.

In fact, Arte Fabris, a company that hasbeen producing ceramic furnishings for more than 40 years, has known very wellhow combine the new technologies used to design and build prototypes and thecraftsmanship gained in all these years.

In fact, with this newmentality/initiative, Arte Fabris srl aims to anticipate trends and fashions,by studying and creating, together


with its customers, new and exclusiveproduct ranges, depending on the requirements of its audience or country oforigin.

"Youcan't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. Bythe time you get it built, they'll want something new." (Steve Jobs)

Since Arte Fabris is one of the firstcompanies in the world of Makers related to this historical material that isCeramic, we can suggest and create the following services and finished goodsfor our customers:

-       Study and design of product according to thecustomer's instructions

-       Creation of a prototype

-       Study and application of decorations

-       Mass production of the same

In these four stages we make, incollaboration with our customers, unique,100% customizable items.

Who are our customers?

Our potential customers are all thosewith an open mind, who have understood the importance of suggesting new andcustomizable items, who, unlike others, understand the needs of their marketand create the right products that will, in turn, give rise to new fashions andtrends:


-       Wholesalers

-       Architects

-       Contract Management

-       Distributors

-       Traders with an open mind

"If you wait until their is another case study in your industry, you will be toolate." (Seth Godin)

What can we make?

Actually,there are no limits, apart from the structural limits of ceramic.

Afamous phrase says:

"If we don't try to overcome our limits, we will neverknow what we are capable of and how much we are able to do." 


In fact, even thestructural limits of our material can be overcome by using ceramic with othermaterials such as steel, wood, glass, etc.

Here is an example of how many ceramic furnishingscan be created in a room:

lamps, chandeliers,wall lamps, floor lamps, statues, vases, vase holders, umbrella stands,ashtrays, frames, mirrors, photo frames, wall clocks, table clocks, coffeetables, knobs for furniture, candle holders, paintings, storage trays, cointrays, columns, perfume holders, trays, cups, heater covers, etc.


Now try to imagine all of these items with yourcustom style, with a logo embossed on each object. This, according to us, makesthe difference between "standard" products that can be purchased byeveryone, and the exclusivity that a service like ours can have.

"Make sure that the consumer is the hero of yourstory." (Ann Handley)

Our philosophy is to not stop and do not expect to always be able to work with the usual items . This involves a commitment by our economic important, but we are confident that in the long run will reward us , to the maximum loyalty of our customers , offering them a wide range of products , so as to establish ourselves as a benchmark for the domestic market and foreign market.

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